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Brother Bear

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Brother Bear : Read Aloud Storybook
In the touching Brother Bear Read-Aloud Storybook (based on the animated Disney movie of the same name) three brothers hunt, fish, and play together, until one of them is killed by a grizzly bear. The youngest brother, Kenai, vows to avenge his brother’s death in spite of the totem and counsel he is given by the village elder: "Let love guide your actions." But Kenai scorns this notion: "You really think love has anything to do with being a man?" he cries. When he finally encounters the bear, however, something strange happens. Kenai is blinded by shafts of light, and spirit animals surround him. Suddenly, the boy becomes a bear--and his one remaining brother Denahi is hunting him! It takes a friendship with a bear cub and a long journey for Kenai-bear to finally embrace the true meaning of his totem.

Whether they see the movie or not, children will enjoy this Disney storybook, with its surprisingly lovely illustrations and simplified narrative. It's likely the book will inspire readers to see the movie for the full dramatic effects--and then use the book to relive the action.

Description from Amazon.com

This 72-page hardcover storybook retells Disney's new animated film Brother Bear, an epic tale about a boy who is transformed into a bear and forced to see the world through the eyes of his enemy. Combining humor, drama, and thrilling animation, this magical coming-of-age story is sure to thrill and entertain young readers.

Description from Publisher

Brother Bear Read-Along

(Book Plus Audio CD)
Explore all the wonders of the Northwest with Koda and Kenai as your guides. The Brother Bear Read-Along features the exciting movie story in a book-and-CD format that let's your kids relive the move wherever they go!

Description from Publisher

Bear With Me

(Step into Reading. Step 2)

By Ann Rhionnan
This Step 2 reader recounts a scene from Disney's new animated film, Brother Bear. With humor, drama, and amazing illustrations, this wonderful story is sure to enthrall young readers.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Instant Classics Read Along

(Book Plus CD)
Share the magic of Disney while making storytelling more fun than ever. The Disney Instant Classics Box contains three beautifully illustrated 24-page books and a Read-Along CD with word-for-word narration of each story. Enjoy the classic Disney adventures of Chicken Little, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear. Perfect for quiet times, car and plane trips. The Disney Read-Along Collection Series is an ideal gift for family, friends, birthday parties and holidays. Character voices right from the movies, coupled with vivid sound effects, will keep children coming back to "Read-Along" time after time. The word-for-word narration encourages independent reading and helps develop vocabulary.

Product Components:
  • Three beautifully illustrated 24 page Read-Along story books: Disney's Chicken Little, Disney's Lilo and Stitch, and Disney's Brother Bear.
  • One compact disc containing the word-for-word narration of the stories.
  • Handy storage box to keep everything together in one place.

    Description from Publisher

New Friends to Meet
Children will love Disney's newest animated film Brother Bear, the magical story of a boy who is transformed into a bear, in this oversized trade activity book featuring two sheets of reusable stickers.

Description from Publisher

Truly Brothers
Exciting activities and pictures to color retell Disney’s new adventure film, Brother Bear!

Description from Publisher

Mark of the Bear
Kids will hear the call of the wild with this coloring book that features tattoos of the animals in the film, Brother Bear.

Description from Publisher

Side By Side
Bound into this book are eight different textured cards, each reflecting the rich landscapes and variety of animals in Brother Bear. Kids can insert the cards underneath a coloring page and rub their crayons over the page to add dramatic touches to the art.

Description from Publisher

A Magical Journey
What happens when a young man is magically transformed into a bear? Find out in this exciting storybook that features the characters from Disney’s new animated blockbuster, Brother Bear. Plus, a full sheet of beary cool stickers is included!

Description from Publisher

Brother Bear

(Little Golden Book)
Discover the spirit of the old Pacific Northwest with this retelling of Disney’s newest animated film, Brother Bear. The story of a boy who is transformed into a bear is sure to be a hit with young readers.

Description from Publisher

Brother Bear: Bear Fig Set

By Hasbro

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