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A Bug's Life: Classic Storybook

By T. J. Steiner

Spanish Edition Also Available
Flik sets out to save the ant colony and all his friends from the greedy grasshoppers who take their entire food supply. Children can experience A Bug's Life again and again with this gorgeously illustrated hardcover storybook.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Read Along Collection : Finding Nemo / A Bug's Life / Monsters, Inc.

(Book Plus CD)
Share the magic of Disney while making storytelling more fun than ever. The Disney/Pixar Read-Along Collection Box contains three beautifully illustrated 24-page books and a Read-Along CD with word-for-word narration of each story that encourages independent reading and helps develop vocabulary. Enjoy the exciting adventures of Nemo, Flik and Dot, and Mike and Sulley. Perfect for quiet times, car and plane trips. The Disney/Pixar Read-Along Collection Series is an ideal gift for family, friends, birthday parties and holidays. Character voices right from the movies, coupled with vivid sound effects, will keep children coming back to "Read-Along" time after time.

Product Components:
  • Three beautifully illustrated 24 page Read-Along story books: Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life, and Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.
  • One compact disc containing the word-for-word narration of the stories.
  • Handy storage box to keep everything together in one place.

    Description from Publisher

Disney Pixar CD Storybook
Disney and Pixar’s most beloved characters come to life in this charming CD storybook! Your child will love hearing Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Sulley, Flik, and more in these fantastic stories and funny rhymes. The engaging set features four favorite stories, eight rhymes, character voices, and over an hour of listening enjoyment—all packaged together in one collectable edition. Stories include:
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
With full-color illustrations and an accompanying full-length CD, it’s a certain smash hit!

Description from Publisher

Dot's Great Big World

By Victoria Saxon
Bring A Bug's Life home to the youngest in the family with this charming tale in an easy-to-read board book format.

Description from Publisher

Red Bug, Blue Bug

By Victoria Saxon

(Board Book)
Flik and friends introduce little ones to all the colors of the rainbow.

Description from Publisher

Where Are the Bugs?

By Sue Kassirer

(Lift-the-Flaps Board Book)
Flik and his friends celebrate after building a fake bird to scare off the grasshoppers. Children will love looking for bugs hidden under every flap in this sturdy lift-the-flap board book.

Description from Publisher

Really Stinky Bugs!
Gross, smelly stickers accompany pictures of gruesome grasshoppers, amazing ants, and the other stars of A Bug's Life. With full-color, cut-out collector cards on the back cover., This 16-page sticker book is completed with 2 sheets of scented sticker sheets (and really stinky ones!) that follows Flik...and the rest of the colony...through a Bug's Life stinky adventure!

Description from Publisher

King of the Anthill
The coolest, buggiest scenes to color from A Bug's Life, plus gross games and puzzles make this an , awesome book! Readers can also flip the pages to see two action-packed scenes. With full-color, cut-out , collector cards on the back cover.

Description from Publisher

Small and Mighty

Spanish Edition Also Available
A re-telling of A Bug's Life with cool coloring pages, activities, and puzzles. Plus, readers can flip the pages to see two action-packed scenes, With full-color, cut-out collector cards on the back cover.

Description from Publisher

How to Draw Disney's "A Bug's Life"

By Walter Foster Publishing
When Disney/Pixar teamed up to create A Bug’s Life, they brought a whole new perspective to the tiny world of insects. Now you can join in the fun of learning how to draw all your favorite characters from the film--from the industrious ants to the bumbling circus bugs to the evil grasshoppers. Learning to draw has never been this much fun!

Description from Publisher

Ant Power!
Trace awesome pictures of pests and use stencils to add items to a variety of buggy scenes. With full-color, cut-out collector cards on the back cover.

Description from Publisher

The Quest for the One Big Thing

By Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson
Dot sets out to begin the harvest and discovers one Big Thing. Unable to lift it, she returns to the colony to get help. Children will love counting to twelve in this sweet and charming book about teamwork.

Description from Publisher

A spin-off tale from the popular 3D animated movie, "A Bug's Life," the ants have harvest on their minds again. The twelve days of harvest are the foundation for this counting book that adds and subtracts a number for each spread. Princess Dot has discovered a big, gooey thing, but it will take a lot of cooperation to get it back to the colony. Again, Flik bumbles into a solution that saves the day and gets the big gooey thing back to the colony by the end of the harvest. Illustrations of the characters from the movie will engage those who have enjoyed the animation. Repeated readings will reinforce basic addition and subtraction skills.

Description from Children's Literature

Bring on the Bugs!
Stickers and pages featuring characters and settings from A Bug's Life allow kids to relive their favorite movie moments. With full-color, cut-out collector cards on the back cover.

Description from Publisher

A Bug's Life: Can You Find the Difference?
This is a good book that kind of excersises the mind. Chances are you won't be able to find them all on one page. With the pictures drawn from the Mouseworks book, it is spectacular, I have one and it's fun to look at. I recomend this book to any child who loves to look for things.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

A Bug's Life

By Justine Korman
A retelling of the story of A Bug's Life, which involves the plight of the ants against the grasshoppers.

Description from Publisher

Against All Odds

(Paint Box Book)
Flik's crazy ideas have gotten the ant colony in trouble again. He needs a new scheme to save them--and this one had better work!.

Description from Publisher

Flik's Perfect Gift: First Reader, Level 2

By Judy Katschke
While searching for the perfect gift to give Queen Atta for her birthday. Flik comes up with some wild and crazy ideas. But in the end, Atta is pleased with the simplest one.

Description from Publisher

A Bug's Life

By Justine Korman and Ron Fontes
For Ages 9-12

A retelling of story of A Bug's Life, which involves the plight of the ants against the grasshoppers.

Description from Publisher

The Big Rescue

By Eric Suben
The story of how Flik and his "warrior" friends save little princess Dot from the big bad bird. Very cute, with cute artwork. A book children will love.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Flik the Inventor

A Bug's Life Postcard Book : 30 Full-Color Postcards from the Film to Keep, Send, and Enjoy

A Bug's Life : Animated Flip Book
Bring magic moments from A Bug's Life to life with this irresistible flip book. Two favorite movie scenes spring to life--and so do the animated bugs! Illustrations.

Description from Publisher

Flik to the Rescue

(Disney Chapters)

By Jane B. Mason
Flik's crazy ideas have gotten the ant colony in trouble again. He needs a new scheme to save them--and this one had better work!.

Description from Publisher

Disney/Pixar A Bugs Life :

Bug Box Go Pack
  • 4 Fun-Filled Story and Activity Books
  • 1 Plastic Magnifying Glass
  • 1 Bug Collector Journal

A Bug's Life Read-Along

(Book Plus Audio Cassette)
This holiday season, America will be talking about this animated epic of miniature proportions! This comical, bug-filled story comes to life in a 24-page book and cassette set.

Description from Publisher

Flik Va a La Ciudad
(Spanish Coloring Book)

Pequeños Pero Poderosos
(Spanish Coloring Book)

La Amenaza de Los Saltamontes
(Spanish Coloring Book)

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